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NHS ConfedExpo scheduled to take place in June 2020 is now cancelled

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Programme themes

This year, our conference focuses on six conference themes to provide insights and learning in the areas of most interest and importance to you. Each theme contains a mix of keynotes and panel discussions across our two main stages, in-depth professional seminars in our five large theatres and bite-sized sessions in our seven pop-up university workshops.

Digital, technology and innovation

Innovations like AI and genomics promise to transform the way services are delivered and care is experienced. To truly harness these advancements however, we must create a strong foundation of digital maturity across the NHS. Interoperable patient records and e-prescribing give power back to patients but there is significant variation in their availability between and within systems.From AI to electronic patient records, and from digital developments to clinical breakthroughs, this theme focuses on how we shape a cutting-edge health and care system.

Quality and clinical improvement

In 2020, it’s essential that the NHS drives sustainable improvements across systems to ensure that high-quality patient care is delivered. To deliver the aims for the NHS Long Term Plan and to maintain the NHS as a world-leading health system we need to ensure that quality of care is maintained and improves as new research, treatments and technologies are unlocked. Be inspired by innovators pioneering change in their field and come and discuss how to make change happen in your areas.

Equality, diversity and inclusion

This past year has seen a renewed focus on health inequalities, with the publication of The Marmot review 10 years on and the roll out of the Workforce Disability Equality Standard to accompany the Workforce Race Equality Standard. This theme will examine greater diversity and inclusion in the leadership of the NHS, as well as ensuring that the NHS and partners, deliver for all parts of our population and reduce health inequalities. From quality improvement to inclusive leadership, these sessions explore how we put equality, diversity and inclusion at the heart of everything we do.


Against the backdrop of demand growth, an ageing population, evolving models of care, immigration law changes and Brexit, health and care leaders are grappling with major workforce constraints. With a focus on attracting and retaining talent, influencing labour markets, driving culture change and supporting clinical leadership, these sessions will probe many of the issues that effectively determine what can be delivered over the next decade.

System integration, collaboration and partnerships

A critical part of delivering the ambitions of the NHS Long Term plan will be empowering local systems and giving them the autonomy that they need.  Sessions in this theme will put new initiatives under the microscope and examine to empower local leaders to achieve maximum improvement and impact for local populations.

Environment and sustainability

Climate change is arguably the foremost global issue and there is a growing evidence base of the impact of climate change and pollution on health. This theme will look at what role the NHS and wider health and social care has to play as the guardians of well-being and as the UK’s biggest employer when moving towards a zero-carbon economy by 2050.